Wisdom in the Trees (CD)


Physical CD of Willow Waters debut album, Wisdom in the Trees, released in Fall of 2018



From the opening strains of the title track of Willow Waters’ “Wisdom in the Trees”, we know we are setting off into the wild. Dancing lithely between rock and roll, country, old folk, and jazz, this album teems with intricate and surprising musical moments. Between the asymmetrical groove of “Muttering the Turning Breeze”, the languid reverie of “Autumn Winds”, and the tensely building harmonies of “Climb”, Willow covers extensive musical and thematic ground. Yet, along the journey we take time to pause – transported to sunny riversides or foggy morning peaks with Meditations and Improvisations laden with field recordings. Centering it all is Willow’s singular voice – grounding in its timbre yet soaring in its revelations. At times she sings with a warm, liquid ease, and at others she wails and shrieks resistance. She sings of a profound lesson – that there can be no earthly delight without the righteous anger and rebuke of the powers that wish to destroy it – truly the wisdom that the trees have to offer.
– written by Carlisle Evans Peck

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